#Web 2.0 – come again?

In a very inception-like move, I'll tell you that we are all inmersed in the Web 2.0. This means that we are no longer passive receivers of information: we create, intervene, juxtapose, and change the web. This is the premise of the Web 2.0. Whether you've heard of it or not, we are all part... Continue Reading →



Very often as teachers we strive for #inspiration. Sometimes we have ground-breaking, earth-shaking new activities, but other times we end up having to resort to fill in the blanks – and we hate ourselves for that. When I get stumped for ideas, I turn to my good old friend the Internet. I have some go-to... Continue Reading →


Idioms are key in everyday language. They are simple, short, and condense a ton of meaning. Some are quite straightforward, but some are a bit far-fetched. Students can sometimes have a hard time understanding the idioms and end up hating them. So, time to bury the hatchet, take the bull by the horns and tackle... Continue Reading →

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