Resultado de imagen para literatureAs teachers we want our students to get to know the classics and to feel the excitement, joy, angst, helplessness, sorrow, regret, and all of the feelings a good book evokes in us.

Yet students find it difficult and troublesome to decode all that a good #book encodes.

As teachers, helping them open their eyes to the wonderful world that literature is is a must. So, here I introduce some sites that can help your students embark upon great journeys – and not panic in the process!

1- Sparknotes: Oh what a time to be alive! Sparknotes has EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING. It deals with classics, poetry, prose, movies – and even a NoFearShakespeare section! Reading #Shakespeare is hard, but Sparknotes offers a modern English translation, together with the original version for the reader to compare.

Topics, #summary, #analysis, motifs, themes, #characters, and even a quiz section are available for every book! Simply wonderful.

Oh! And it has sections with guides for other subjects and #SATs as well! Hands down, the best site!

2- LitCharts: I’ve just discovered this superb site. Not only has it got summaries, motifs, themes, topics, characters and more, but it also has #printables! You know what printables mean… Paradise Found (Pun intended).

You can create an account, and #download #freematerial (or you can pay monthly and download even more material!). Simply lovely.

3- Shmoop: This is a good site, though it oversimplifies everything a bit to much in my opinion. It doesn’t offer the same number of books and literary works as the above, but can be useful for getting the gist of a text, book, or poem. A bit too simple.

4- eNotes: Similar to the others, but has good articles that can be read in full for only 48hs. It also has printables and downloadable materia. It has a specific section for teachers.


Resultado de imagen para literature gif

Have any other sites? Feel free to add them!



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