#Vocabulary, and more games!

#Vocabulary items can be tedious sometimes. Learning 10 different ways of walking, shinning, laughing, and speaking can most certainly be.

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But just because we had to go through that doesn’t mean our students should have to. We can now stop worrying about coming up with ways to make vocabulary fun.

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So, let me introduce some websites that will make learning vocabulary a fun game.

  • Quizlet:  You can log on as a teacher and you can create your own class and there, you can create different files with loads of vocab. Students can create an account, look you up, add themselves to your class, and … Bingo! They now have access to all those items. There, they can play alone, check their improvement, download flashcards, and they can play against other students!
  • Kahoot! This is the absolute best. It follows the same logic as Quizlet, but it takes it up a notch. The whole class can compete together and you can see the scores in real time! Students get really motivated and want to do better and better. Trust me, they’ll want to study.



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