Resultado de imagen para stories

Stories are magical. They can send us to new and unknown places, awaken loads of emotions, and leave us thinking for a long time.

Brining stories to the classroom is not always easy. Reading stories aloud might not be the best for all students as some can get very easily distracted (and we know that that means “distract the rest”). Storytelling requires a lot of energy and effort on the part of the teacher, and sometimes we don’t have it.

Using stories that have already been written are our way-to-go mode to introduce stories in our lessons. Creating our own stories is everything but easy. Still, kids have unfathomable imagination and can come up with brilliant stories.

So why not let them invent their own stories?

Resultado de imagen para stories

Here are some sites to resort to when we want to give our lessons that “once upon a time” vibe:

  • Fun Brain and Story Place: these two are excellent sites. Students can listen to and  watch stories on line. Stories can be graded and they are very appealling to students.
  • Story Bird: Using this site students can create their own stories. They can choose pictures, characters, layout, and they can write their own story. You can also use the site to create your own stories! They can either be image based so that students can elicit sentences and paragraphs, or they can be full-blown stories.
  • Enchanted Learning: Did somebody say “rhymes”? Here you can find loads of rhymes, tongue-twisters, and stories. Each has the text and you can find a rebus as well! So that instead of having all text students can work on their literacy by looking at pictures.

Got any other good site? Do share, please!



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