Very often as teachers we strive for #inspiration. Sometimes we have ground-breaking, earth-shaking new activities, but other times we end up having to resort to fill in the blanks – and we hate ourselves for that.

When I get stumped for ideas, I turn to my good old friend the Internet. I have some go-to sites whenever I crave inspiration.

Resultado de imagen para inspiration

Without further ado, here you have my secret inspo-weapons.

  • Pinterest. How teachers have managed before Pinterest is beyond me. In this God-given site you find literally everything. There is a search engine where you can search using key words. You have to create an account, but trust me on this one: it’s worth it. There you can find #inspiration, #printables, #resources, #information, #links, #worksheets, #pictures, #books, #videos, #games, and more and more.


  • British Council: Our friends at the British Council have made our jobs a tad easier, and we all thank them for it. This site is graded according to teens, kids, or adults. In each, you can find loads of #videos, #worksheets, #explanations, #printables, and #games. It is great to introduce a topic or to get ideas so as to deal with a certain linguistic exponent. It can give you loads of ideas and materials.

Got any other wonderful site? Share it!!


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