As teachers we want our students to get to know the classics and to feel the excitement, joy, angst, helplessness, sorrow, regret, and all of the feelings a good book evokes in us. Yet students find it difficult and troublesome to decode all that a good #book encodes. As teachers, helping them open their eyes... Continue Reading →


#Web 2.0 – come again?

In a very inception-like move, I'll tell you that we are all inmersed in the Web 2.0. This means that we are no longer passive receivers of information: we create, intervene, juxtapose, and change the web. This is the premise of the Web 2.0. Whether you've heard of it or not, we are all part... Continue Reading →

#Vocabulary, and more games!

#Vocabulary items can be tedious sometimes. Learning 10 different ways of walking, shinning, laughing, and speaking can most certainly be. But just because we had to go through that doesn't mean our students should have to. We can now stop worrying about coming up with ways to make vocabulary fun. So, let me introduce some... Continue Reading →


Stories are magical. They can send us to new and unknown places, awaken loads of emotions, and leave us thinking for a long time. Brining stories to the classroom is not always easy. Reading stories aloud might not be the best for all students as some can get very easily distracted (and we know that... Continue Reading →


Very often as teachers we strive for #inspiration. Sometimes we have ground-breaking, earth-shaking new activities, but other times we end up having to resort to fill in the blanks – and we hate ourselves for that. When I get stumped for ideas, I turn to my good old friend the Internet. I have some go-to... Continue Reading →

#Games, games, and more games!

Kids (and adults) love to #play. But what with new technologies, old #games we used to play as kids are no longer cool for kids. So, if Mahoma doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Mahoma. Having said that, here I’ll introduce two fabulous sites for students to play with: Turtle Diary This... Continue Reading →

#Idioms: Second Round

Apart from videos, students absolutely love the "Keep calm and ..." You can also create #memes ! Talk about being modern! Here is an awesome site to create your own #memes and you can also use it to create #motivational posters. Having posters and important vocabulary items, structures and examples, or images are a great... Continue Reading →


Idioms are key in everyday language. They are simple, short, and condense a ton of meaning. Some are quite straightforward, but some are a bit far-fetched. Students can sometimes have a hard time understanding the idioms and end up hating them. So, time to bury the hatchet, take the bull by the horns and tackle... Continue Reading →

Well, hello there!

More than once, we as teachers wish to include technology in our classrooms and in our lesson plans. Yet, more often than not, we do not know how to or we don’t have the tools to do so. Meaning, we do not have an IT room or computers in our classrooms, or Internet connection at... Continue Reading →

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